How to Find Your Biological Parents after Adoption

Finding your biological parents is a life-changing moment. It is a very personal journey that rarely works out the same way for any two people. Each journey is as unique as the individuals involved. Luckily, with widespread social media networks at our fingertips, reconnecting even across large distances has become easier than ever.

The first step is to find out who your biological parents are. This can be done in several ways. For some, it might be as simple as asking your adoptive parents. For those who are involved in closed or international adoptions, it is a little more difficult. 

Obtaining an original copy of your birth certificate can sometimes give you the information you’re looking for. Another option is to contact the agency that handled your adoption and inform them that you’re interested in finding your biological parents. Often times, government agencies, while generally the surest source of information, are tight-lipped when it comes to closed adoptions. Many times they will not release any information unless both parties have contacted the right agency requesting information. Additionally, they will not inform one party of the other’s interest in reunification.

Social media groups dedicated to reconnecting biological parents to their children are all over. People have also often turned to the mainstream media, private detectives, DNA services, and social media sharing campaigns to help them find their birth parents. 

Once the identity of your biological parents has been determined, then the real search begins. General search engines can be a great place to start. Be as specific as possible in your search including as many details as you have. Name, age, hometown, etc. The more details you search, the more successful your search will be.

Social media searches can also be successful if you use the same tips. Be very specific and use as many details as you can obtain to narrow your search and increase your chances of finding the individuals you’re looking for.

Be patient and thorough in your search. The lead you’re looking for might come in a way you’re not expecting. Finding your biological parents is a life-altering event that will forever affect the way you see yourself and those around you. Good luck in your search!


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