5 Ways You Can Search For Birth Parents

The search for birth parents is an exciting experience that many adoptees and birth parents hope for. However, that process can be difficult particularly in closed and long distance adoptions. Luckily, with advances in technology and the continued improvements in social media and online databases finding your birth parents or adopted child has become easier than ever before. Here are some tips to locate your birth parents.

1. Original Birth Certificate

Get a copy of your original birth certificate if you haven’t already done so. You can request a copy by contacting the state or country of your birth. Though it varies from state to state, most require at least two forms of identification and a fee to receive a copy of your original birth certificate. The names of your birth parents should be listed on it.

2. Utilize the Internet and Social Media

Once you have the name of your birth parent, there are many ways to go about finding them. One of the most obvious ways is to simply run an internet search on their name. Be sure to have as much information at your disposal including the year they were born to ensure your search is successful.

Searching online can be helpful compared to Social Media searches due to the fact that most often official documents will be pulled with your name search. Documents including birth certificates, death certificates, criminal records, and even whitepages entries as well as social media accounts. Online searches are a great first step on your journey to learn about your birth parents.

Social media sites are another great resource to find your birth parents. There are even groups that exist solely for the purpose of connecting birth parents and adoptees. These can be a great resource for you.

While searching on social media websites, keep in mind that since they are not officiated by the government, it may be tricky to find the person you are looking for. For example, you may be searching for someone by the name of Rebecca Johnson, based on the information you’ve acquired. However, perhaps she has married and has an account under the name Rebecca Smith with no mention of her maiden name. Maybe she set up her account under the name Becca Johnson instead. All these factors play an important part in your search, so keep it in mind and collect as many details as you can prior to your search to assist with finding the people you are looking for.

3. Hire Professional Help

There is always the option of hiring a private investigator to assist in your search. These professionals can be a great resource due to their vast networks and experience as well as alleviating your stress by taking on the most difficult parts of the search for you. Do your research, and do your best to hire an investigator with experience in finding birth or estranged parents.

4. DNA Testing

Another option is to submit to a DNA test through one of the many companies offering them. These tests are useful in determining your origins and in some cases, can lead to connections between families. The price of these kits vary from company to company, but can be a very helpful resource while searching for your birth parent/s. 

5. Registries

You may also want to consider putting your name and any identifying information you have about you or your birth parents in an online registry. You can put your information in the largest adoption registry here.

Be patient in your search, and expect a few stumbles here and there. Finding your birth parent/s will be an exciting journey for all involved. Though it may seem impossible at first, there are resources out there waiting for you to take advantage and make reconnecting with your birth parents possible.