Everything You Need To Know About Search Angels

Adoption search angels play a special role in adoption. They are volunteers who use their time, expertise, and talents to assist biological parents in finding their children who were placed for adoption. Adoptees also utilize search angels in helping them locate biological parents, siblings, and other extended family members.

Before one uses a search angel, it is important to understand a few things. Search angels will not and should not search for adoptees who are minors (under age 18). Doing so would violate rules of confidentiality and impede on the rights of adoptive parents and their children. Hopefully, adoptive parents have established some form of openness or at least have basic knowledge about the biological parents of children they adopt. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as it depends on the type of adoption and circumstances.

Typically, search angels do not charge for their service. Some expenses may be incurred for travel, though. It is really important for people using adoption search angels to understand that most are not professional investigators. While many are connected and aware of the adoption triad (adoptee, adoptive parents and biological parents), it is not a requirement that one is a part of the triad in order to be a search angel. It is, of course, a benefit to have a search angel who is connected to adoption.

Biological parents, adoptees, and others using the services of a search angel will need to provide as much past and current relevant information to assist in the search. This includes all and any names associated, important dates, and any other known information. Social media sites, archives, birth records, old publications, and public records are among the many resources available that can be utilized to assist in the search.

Good adoption search angels should understand the importance of boundaries. They should never make contact with anyone without permission from the individual who is searching. If permission is given to make contact, the search angel should either be skilled in this process or able to access someone who is. It is vital that no one – the person who is searching or the person being searched for – is pressured in any way to follow through with contact. Again, privacy is important.

Family connections are important. While adoption can be a blessing in one’s life, it can also be wrought with a lot of loss. Using adoption search angels is a way to connect with biological family and help to fill in the gaps of one’s life.

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